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Cancellation And Refund Policy

We express thanks on the purchase from us. Please read our Cancellation Policy as this would elucidate you about the customer’s obligations and rights, unless otherwise mentioned on our product pages or advertisements. We mention the price, product details and delivery time against every product on our website. However, due to unavoidable reasons when the purchase is not shipped, the order stands cancelled and is refunded. Here is how you can claim a refund on your cancellation.

1. Any cancellation of order must be registered before 48 hrs from actual time of delivery. Refund of the money paid is only possible then. No refund after 48 hrs delivery schedule starts.

2. Cancellation of order should register with a mail with proper subject –“Cancellation Request” and should be sending to . Mail should have Order ID, Cancellation Reason and Refund Account Details.

3. Refund would be done when – Order is cancelled, Order not delivered (except nonexistent recipient) and complains related to quality of the product and services related to the order delivered.

4. Refund should not be entertained when: -Order is cancelled after the delivery period starts, when the person is not found at the delivery point, and complain related to the quality and service delivered is found negative by the evaluation team.

5. Decision of the management is final when deciding on “Return” after evaluating with the team. Team will come up with a report regarding the complain especially in case of Quality and services after thorough investigation.

6. Refund can be done in terms of money paid by customer or by replacing the product which is supposed to be delivered, as agreed by the company and the customer.

7. In case of money the customer will have full refund which should not exceed the amount he paid for the order. In case of product replacement the price should not exceed the value of cancelled order.

8. Condition for Refund includes- Cancellation charges which will be 5% of the money paid for the order, no claim on discount and freebies, and if extra money is paid for the order will be augmented with further future orders but will not be returned.

9. Company has the right to decide on any amendments in the rules regarding Cancellation and Refund Policy from time to time. For any substantial changes, it will be declared on our website or will be notified by email.

10. Management will have total hand over Cancellation and Refund and their decision will be final. For any legal matter, the court of jurisdiction will be Delhi.