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Valentine's Day Flowers Delivery

The day of love is here with the season of love coming to an end with our most awaited Valentine’s Day!. Now that you have come here we will tell you the best ways to celebrate this day. You could be someone who is in love, you could be someone who has recently been through a break up, you are single. Whoever you are, in whichever way, you can celebrate.

It is the time of love and happiness. Love has been

something which has been largely stereotyped. Of course, Valentine’s day is something which is largely associated with romance, but the main emotion should be love.

Ideas we have for couples

So this is undoubtedly your time. This is the time where you celebrate love. It does not matter what your age is or what your orientation is. We celebrate love in its every avatar. People popularly say that the color of love is red but we happily include the entire rainbow.

We have a wide range of gifts that you can choose from. Let us find out what are the things that we have and which one fits you the best:-

  • Beautiful Flowers- Of Course, this has to be our primary attraction. We have a wide variety of fresh blooms arranged in unique bouquets. We have further increased the attraction by adding quirky names to it.


  • Delicious cakes- We have a mouthwatering range of yummy and beautiful cakes. They are a treat to your vision and your taste buds. The only con is they are so well decorated, you may feel like showcasing them but then you can’t resist them. Yes, that’s one thing our customers often say.


  • Yummy chocolates- We have a whole range of delicious chocolates that can please anyone and everyone. You can get them as a mark of self love, you can gift them or you can pair them with flowers.


  • Hampers- When you are completely out of options and not being able to decide or you just want to go completely grand. This is the best option for you. Our hampers come with cute bouquets, chocolates or cakes, and cute plushies. It has everything you need.


  • Plants- We have a beautiful collection of luscious and green plants. They are just the right gift and the perfect home decor!


What is our recommendation?, you may ask. We would say that you could go for hampers. If you want to send gifts online in India or you want to send flowers online in India. We are there for you.

You could very well ask that if you at all choose to send gifts in India or send flowers in India, why should you choose us?

Well here are the reasons why should totally choose us

  • Delivery: We have efficient distribution that facilitates same day delivery and midnight delivery, we ensure that the delivery is safe and hygienic. Post pandemic customer safety is something which is of prime importance to us.


  • Variety: We have a wide variety of categories and in each category, we have a wide variety of products. You can browse different categories and varieties.


  • Quality: We never compromise with the quality of our products, we ensure you get freshly sourced products every time you choose to order from us. We ensure that we deliver the finest quality to you!


  • We are fun: Perhaps this is the most important aspect that we would stress on. If you visit our store, look at how we named our products. The quirky names that we have used are there to make you understand what the emotion behind a certain product is.

So you have just undergone a separation?

When we are talking about love, we don’t only talk about couples. You could be one of them who recently had a separation, or you could be someone who is having a hard time. We first of all extend a hearty hug to you. Don’t consider yourself alone.

The aspect of love is definitely not as flowery as it is often portrayed. Have you read one fairytale or watched one film where love was easy? Even if you think of the commercial ones, life is not that easy.

Does not mean that you give up on love. We are here for you and we love you. With us you can easily send flowers in India or send gifts in India. We recommend you to give yourself the gift and the love you deserve. Until and unless you love yourself, love would not come to you. While everyone is talking about romance, this day is all about falling in love with someone else. It is about falling in love with yourself first.

No one can complete you, unless you complete yourself.  We recommend you visit our website and gift yourself a plant and something nice to eat. Go ahead, you deserve it.

So you are single?

Are you happily single? Are you looking for someone? You may not be completely at peace since you are now single. But this one is a good phase. In fact, an amazing phase. You are here open to receiving love.

So you could do two things. Either you have a date or someone prospective you want to propose. You can buy gifts for them to make this day a little more special. Or you could very well pamper yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, we have everything for you.

Here we would like to wrap it up. Indeed, we don’t endorse the standard set way of celebration. At Countryflora, we celebrate love holistically. We make buying flowers in India or buying gifts in India easy. Sending flowers to India or sending gifts in India is all the more convenient. If you want to send gifts or send flowers in India, you can simply browse through our website.

The products are extremely categorized according to your needs. They are specifically named which associates them to the right emotions. Buying flowers online or buying gifts online in India is now easy peesy!