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Flowers for every birth month

Texting, email or calling or purchasing stuff online is a recent phenomenon. Earlier people communicated wholly with the help of flowers. Flowers, however, can never really go out of fashion. They are still extremely relevant. Whenever you are running out of present ideas, you blindly go for flowers. Nothing can be better than a fresh bunch of blooms. In fact, we have a complete blog dedicated to this one and it can serve as an interesting read. Make sure to check that one only on our website.

But did you know? You can gift people flowers according to their birth month. This is because you must have heard of something called season fruits. Similarly, there are flowers for every season. We are taking it one step further. We will bring you an exclusive list of flowers for every given month in a year. Not only that we will help you decode their meaning. This is because every flower has its own unique personality and it conveys a specific message or an emotion, just like all of us. So let us get right into it and see which flowers belong to which month along with their meanings.

  1. January Flowers: Carnation and Snowdrop

If you have someone in your life who is a January born, Carnation and Snow drop are the flowers for them. Usually the month of January signifies new year which definitely brings a sense of positivity with it, it is also an extremely cold month. Carnation blooms beautifully in the cold months. Just that the temperature has to be above freezing point.

Snowdrops also blooms in between January and March. They are also winter flowers. Carnation symbolize love, care and admiration. On the other hand Snowdrops may be droopy in shape but they symbolize hope and rebirth.

  1. February flowers: Violets and primrose

Everyone associates February with red roses given Valentine’s day. The actual February flowers are violets. The purple-hued flower is basically a symbol of truthfulness, virtue. It is a flower that represents loyalty to be specific. Violets were very popular during the Victorian Era to signify love and complete loyalty. So all of you lovers you have another gift option to think of and reconsider.

We also have primrose, a yellow perennial flower from the European origins. This is a flower that symbolizes love and youth, another obvious choice for a perfect Valentine’s day gift. Further, these flowers are edible, they are used for colours and decoration.

3.March Flower: Daffodils

If you have someone whose birth month is March, Daffodils are the flower for them. March is the first month of spring and the homecoming of summers. Daffodils symbolize cheerfulness and love. It is a flower that is replete with positive emotions. Daffodils have varieties, one popular variety is known as jonquil. They vary in color, white ones being the most common one. You also find them in orange and pale yellow. All the colors are equally aesthetic and pleasing,however people usually go for the white ones.

4.April Flowers: Daisy and Sweet Pea

April is a very bright month. It is warm and sunny, and some parts of the world are very warm. Daisy is the flower of April. During the old English period they were known as the “day’s eye” , that is how the flower gets its name. This is because the petals of this flower are closed during the night and they open up during the day. They come in five common varieties. They represent pristine innocence.

Sweet Pea is another category of flower associated with April, it is beautiful and has a heartwarming fragrance. It represents bliss and calm.

  1. May Flowers:Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

The Lily of the valley is a very unique one since it has several white blooms grouped together in one stem. There’s a lush green stem with an arrangement of beautiful white flowers. This flower symbolizes humility and motherhood. It is a beautiful representation of fertility.

We also have Hawthorn associated with the month of May. It is a pink wildflower, it is not a very typical flower to give. But it has red berries that are often used as fillers in the bouquet.

  1. June Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle

The fun fact here is that, Roses are associated with June and not really February. Roses are symbolic of love and devotion, something which is very commonly known. But it can also represent peace using white roses, friendship, using yellow roses. There are 100 varieties of roses to choose from. No doubt, they are the most popular among flowers which are given as gifts.

Honeysuckle on the other hand grows on shrubs and they are not used as gifts, hence not as popular. These flowers usually attract butterflies. So you can definitely plant one.

  1. July flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily

Larkspur comes in a wide variety of colors including purple, indigo and pink. Pink one symbolizes fickleness, white ones symbolize happiness. They usually represent positivity on a holistic level.

Water Lilies are similar to lotus, they are symbolic of rebirth or purity. This is more of a water flower. It cannot really last without water.

  1. August flowers:Gladiolus and Poppy

Gladiolus is also referred to as Sword Lilly due to its shape. They are a very bold and beautiful bloom found in a wide variety of colors. They usually represent strength, remembrance and sincerity.

Poppy is a bright red flower signifying remembrance. This has been popular during the war.

  1. September Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

Asters are also known as frost flowers or starworts. They are found in a wide variety of colors. They usually represent wisdom.

The morning glory is yet another flower that represents unrequited love.

  1. October Flowers: Marigold and Cosmos

Marigold is a beautiful flower that represents fulfilled love and is very beneficial in terms of healing skin problems. Cosmos on the other hand represent peace and tranquility. They are available in many different colours and they attract bees.

11.November Flowers: Chrysanthemum

This one is a large bright and cheery flower. They have several sizes and several varieties. The most common variety of the flower is pink. It usually represents love and honesty but the meanings can vary according to colours and perception.

12.December Flowers: Narciuss and Holly

Narcissus comes under the daffodils genre and they usually symbolize good wishes. Holly on the other hand is a flower that symbolizes protection.

So with this we come to an end, now we presume you know the right flowers to choose and when you do so, Countryflora is here for you, always.