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Safe Shopping Policy

Despite online shopping being exceptionally popular today, people still have inhibitions about buying online. One of the biggest concerns is to put the banking and personal information on stake, with the increasing trend of hacking and misuse these days. It is pertinent for you to worry about the information that you divulge online. Moreover, most people complain about the countless spam mails and phone calls that they receive every day by divulging their contact information over the internet.

Considering these issues, we present a comprehensive security and privacy guarantee for our esteemed customers. Your privacy and security is our primary concern at Country Flora. To protect your privacy better, our safe shopping policy explains our privacy practices and how your online transaction is absolutely safe with us.

At Country Flora, we boast our comprehensive safe shopping policy that has earned us immense accolades and feedbacks from our beloved customers. In simple words, our customers are very impressed with our dedicated online florist services, offering a convenient, safe and economical shopping experience. We believe in transparency, and hence, we never hide the shopping policies and privacy guidelines from our customers. We consider this our core business ethics, which is usually not practiced by other online florists in the industry.

For safe and protected online flower and gift shopping, Country Flora uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) applications, which is among the best software and industry standard for securing commercial transactions online. It accesses all your personal information, including name, address, credit card number, or internet banking username with password in an encrypted form. With this secured application, your private and valuable information cannot be accessed or read by ant third party over the internet. The world-class SSL encryption ensures safe and protected data transmission online, without the worry of the information being hacked or misused online.

The personally identifiable information provided by you is used by Country Flora only to provide you requested content or information, respond to inquiries about product offerings, to offer you other services, programs and products that might interest you, or for any other purpose which will be disclosed at the time of information collection. Changes in our privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other notifications can also be reported to you via the personal information provided by you, obviously if you choose for the same. Other than this, Country Flora does not use your private information with third parties or for any use by us.

At Country Flora, we respect your privacy to the best, and hence, we do not irritate you with unwanted calls and spam mails. If you choose to be a member of Country Flora, we will send engaging and innovative newsletters that will impress you. However, it is your discretion whether to opt for newsletters, and you can unsubscribe for the same anytime you wish.

Account activity and personally identifiable information are protected via unique email address and password. It is recommended not to share such information with others to protect confidentiality of such information. However, 100% security over internet cannot be guaranteed. Hence, we cannot warrant or guarantee 100% security of any information that you disclose online, and we cannot be held responsible for theft or disclosure or destruction of such information.