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Hug Day special

One thing which is not understood is that why do we at all need a special day to hug our loved ones? But again, you can figure out new days to celebrate your love and happiness. Today is hug day.  Perhaps when you are reading this, the day is over. It could be any normal day but then it does not reduce the importance of a hug.

You could hug it out anytime you want to. It is one of the best ways to express love. It is also scientifically proven to be effective in terms of distressing.

Why do we celebrate hug day?

You could hug someone you love at any point, why is that a special day of the week? This is because the entire week is a celebration of love, romance. We include all the gifts and the gestures that allow the expression of love to the fullest.

The hug is not necessarily romantic in nature.  It could be affectionate in nature, it could be apologetic in nature. You even hug your children or your parents. You hug someone who is going through a rough day or a rough time. Ofcourse, romantic hugs are bliss.

Why are hugs important?

Human beings require four hugs daily to survive, eight hugs for maintaining themselves and around twelve hugs for growth. Hugs are important. It may not be possible for you to hug your significant other that often. You could even be in a long distance. Therefore the statistics remain unmet.

Through hugs, cortisol, a stress inducing hormone, is greatly lowered. Along with that another hormone is released which releases oxytocin, a hormone that is associated with relaxation and soothing of the mind. Another hormone, oxytocin is also released which is associated with relaxation.

How to make your hug extra special?

Now you know the importance of hugs. We can help you with making it extra special. With us, you can buy flowers online, buy gifts online and make your hug day extra special. Imagine when the hug is accompanied by an exquisite gift, how much more special will that be?

We have with us a wide range of gifts.

  • Beautiful Flowers- Of Course, this has to be our primary attraction. We have a wide variety of fresh blooms arranged in unique bouquets. We have further increased the attraction by adding quirky names to it.


  • Delicious cakes- We have a mouthwatering range of yummy and beautiful cakes. They are a treat to your vision and your taste buds.The only con is they are so well decorated, you may feel like showcasing them but then you can’t resist them. Yes, that’s one thing our customers often say.


  • Yummy chocolates- We have a whole range of delicious chocolates that can please anyone and everyone. You can get them as a mark of self love, you can gift them or you can pair them with flowers.


  • Hampers- When you are completely out of options and not being able to decide or you just want to go completely grand. This is the best option for you. Our hampers come with cute bouquets,chocolates or cakes, and cute plushies. It has everything you need.


  • Plants- We have a beautiful collection of luscious and green plants. They are just the right gift and the perfect home decor!

What do we recommend?

We recommend our hampers with plushies, this is because in your absence the stuffed animal will help in the hug part, then there are other gifts to keep them happy.

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