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Rochers With Roses

Summary: Melt your girlfriend’s heart with non-traditional blossoms!

When one thinks of flower gifts for a girl, roses become the automatic choice. While this nothing wrong with this beautiful blossom, it does become a tad predictable after a time, doesn’t it? So, why not bring the surprise element to your gift giving with some non-traditional floral choices for a change! For her this will be pleasurable, and your ‘gal’ will surely love you more thinking out of the box.

Want a helping hand in choosing some of the non-traditional floral gifts! Here are a few suggestions JUST FOR YOU!

White Chrysanthemums

Win your lady’s heart with the pristine beauty of White Chrysanthemums. Any cheerful girl with a jest for life will be flattered on receiving such a bunch. Do you want to make the bouquet downright FESTIVE? Why don’t you ask your florist to complement it ingeniously with fresh greenery and red carnations?

White Roses

RED, RED roses reflect your fiery love and bleeding heart to your girlfriend, no doubt! Why not bring a twist to the tale with a spectacular White Rose bunch. For starters, these are innately breathtaking and no one can remain unmoved in the face of such blatant beauty. Also, you may add other things to the bouquet to reflect your mood. Make it more fetching by adding pitta green negra or lavender wax flowers.

Pink Tulips

Are you a hopeless romantic then choosing pink tulips for your girlfriend makes sense. Feminine and demure vibe of these flowers will appeal to your lovely sweetheart. Make the love represented by the bouquet shine through with addition of variegated pittosporum and white delicate alstroemeria.

Gerbera & Daisies

Traditional bouquet will never help you to thaw the ice in the heart of a fashion-forward, modern woman. With her, you will need to change tack and opt for something stylish and dazzling just as she seems to you! Bright hued gerbera mini daisies may do the trick with their myriad shades of orange and pink. These are eye-catching all right but you can make it eccentric and trendy with button green mums, green lush hydrangeas, and yellow carnations. With such a bouquet you will be able to make even the most difficult girl come around.


Do you have a girlfriend who loves to make a statement through her bold attitude and style? Then you will need the exact flower bouquet that rings a bell with her character. Traditional bouquets will fall dismally low in her estimation. Topiary bouquet with enormous white statice, Asiatic pink lilies, variegated pittosporum, and pale pink carnations tastefully presented in a French white country pot could be an ideal choice. Go for such over-the-top arrangement to make an impression.

Purple tulips

Purple shade of tulip is all about passion so you can never go wrong with this choice. Express your devotion to her with this bouquet. These also represent royalty communicating how highly you estimate the girl you love. Typical red and pink blooms will no doubt pale in comparison.


Nothing could be more exotic than the orchid. These are a striking sight making any girl fall in love with both the blooms and the giver instantly. Varied types and color choices allow you to go for a unique bouquet in every way. When you want to leave the beaten track with non-traditional floral choices, purchasing orchids make sense.

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