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Why are chocolates the best gift

So, it’s chocolate day or maybe when you are reading it, it is some other day.  See there are no specific day for chocolates. Chocolates are amazing, they are yummy and awesome. What is better? Chocolates are the best gift. You want to woo the love of your life this Valentine’s day? Nothing is better than chocolates. (Unless they are diabetic or crazy, in that case dark chocolates). Not only Valentine’s day, it could be Christmas, New Year, Birthday, or Anniversary. Chocolates are good for every occasion. Even if you are going through something and want to cheer up, chocolates.

You can never go wrong if you are giving chocolates to someone, it is very similar to flowers. The only thing that you need to do is a little bit of research. This is because there is a wide variety of chocolates out there. You need to ensure that you need to give the right kind of chocolate to the right person. For example, you should not give milk chocolate to a person who is lactose intolerant. Or you should not give someone a dark chocolate who does not enjoy the bitter sweet taste of it.

Chocolates are the best gift for multiple reasons, let’s find out:

  • Health Benefits- There is a popular belief that chocolates are not healthy. Contrary to that, dark chocolate is scientifically proven to be good for the heart. A cup of hot chocolate helps in brain simulation and unlike caffeine or anything else, there are no specific side effects.


  • Consumption- Chocolates can be consumed in different ways. You can have a chocolate bar as it is. You could enjoy a cup of warm hot chocolate. You could add chocolate to your coffee or to your ice cream. It could be enjoyed as a dessert and a good dark chocolate can even serve as a good pre workout snack.


  • Universal acceptance- Chocolates as a gift has a sense of universal acceptance. You could be from any country, you could belong to any given religion. You could speak any language. Chocolates are available everywhere and they are lovingly accepted as gifts.


  • Affordable- See,there are several expensive chocolates out there. But they are less expensive in comparison to several other gifts. Also, there is a wide variety of prices. Chocolates are easily affordable. But the impact that it has is a lot better than many other gifts. So it is the best gift for the best value.


  • Love- Chocolates evoke a sense of warmth. It brings instant happiness. Irrespective of who you are, when you receive chocolates, you are happy. You can give it to literally anyone on any given occasion. It is something that suits best for any given occasion.


  • Packaging and decoration- You can always make gifting someone chocolates extra special by packing it in the way you want. You could give it a lavish and sensational packing or you can give it a cute packaging. You could even accompany the chocolate with flowers,plushy or cookies.You can customize it the way you want.


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