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Rose Day

This is rose day. Just in case you landed at the right time, happy rose day if not, you could make use of some fresh roses anyday. Roses don’t necessarily need a day because they are the symbol of love and romance. But did you ever wonder, what was the beginning of all of it? It cannot be possible that one day you just decide this is a trend. This has been going on for centuries. Let us understand a little bit about the history and then move on to how you could use it the best.

Roman Mythology

In Roman mythology roses were known to be a symbol of desire and secrecy. Rose has an association with the myth of Venus. This one has several long interpretations. But in simple words, they represented beauty and love. Roman emperors often filled their bathrooms with rose petals. They were also used in the bedrooms, for decoration. The beauty and the fragrance made it a symbol of love and youth.

Greek Mythology

It is very interesting to note the Greek mythology and its connection with the red rose. We will be keeping it short and interesting. There are several myths, there’s one around Venus. Most of them are around Aphrodite. Let us see!

So basically, Aphrodite is the goddess of love and she had a lover, Adonis. He was wounded by a wild boar, a mixture of his blood and tears is said to have produced a red rose. This is just one of those interpretations.

There’s another popular interpretation that Aphrodite was walking through the forest, a white rose came across her. She was shot with an arrow by Cupid. The roses grew thorns because of the cupid’s arrow, Aphrodite bled, and the white rose turned into a red rose because of this.

The association with cupid and Aphrodite made it a symbol of love that is how it had been celebrated.

Hinduism and Buddhism

Roses do have a significance in Hinduism and Buddhism as well. In Hinduism flowers are majorly considered sacred and they are offered during the time of worship. Even though rose as a flower is not categorically used in any specific ceremony. Yet it is used many times with other flowers.

Buddhism also takes rose to be a symbol of spirituality. Buddhism treats this flower as an integral part of flora. This is because the perception of spirituality is different according to different religions.


In Christianity rose symbolizes the Virgin Mary. She is often referred to as “mystical rose” or “the rose without thorns”. Rose symbolizes purity and faith in Christian religion. The word rosary is symbolized by a garland of roses, that is where it finds its name from.

There are several other religions that celebrate rose as the symbol of purity, love.

Turning to today’s world

Right now, roses are a symbol of love and romance. This reminds of the famous quote that Shakespeare used in Romeo and Juliet, “Of all flowers, methinks rose is best’. This perhaps made it more a symbol of romance.

And here we are, celebrating rose day. This is how history represents rose as the symbol of love throughout ages across religion. Therefore, on this rose day utilize this power and woo your valentine like never before. If you want to send flowers online in India, you know you have come to the right place. Now you can send gifts online in India. We offer a pan Indian service with midnight and same day delivery.

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