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Why do we celebrate teddy day

Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February, Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of February. It is the fourth day and the cutest day that we celebrate. It is perhaps the most adorable part of the festival of love.

So on teddy day you are supposed to choose a fluffy bear or any given plushie of your choice and give it to the person that you love. This is because sometimes words can’t communicate emotions properly, a cute fluffy bear holding a heart can. Let us look at why and how to celebrate this day.

A cute teddy bear not only evokes the sense of love and romance, it creates a beautiful and youthful aura around the person that you love. Specifically, a teddy is symbolic of innocent, pristine and youthful love. It is not important that there has to be a certain age to celebrate it. As William Shakespeare rightly asserts that age is just a number, you can celebrate this day to bring back the youthful essence. To rejuvenate and enkindle the romance. Giving someone a cute teddy of their choice is not just romantic but thoughtful.

Do you know teddy bears and other stuffed animals can be associated with psychological comfort?

Human beings require four hugs daily to survive, eight hugs for maintaining themselves and around twelve hugs for growth. Hugs are important. It may not be possible for you to hug your significant other that often. You could be busy. You could be in a long distance. There is a likely chance that the statistics remain unmet. Thanks to the invention of stuffed animals, usually a teddy bear. You probably don’t know but cuddling something soft is physiologically helpful.

Through this cortisol, a stress inducing hormone is greatly lowered. Along with that another hormone is released which releases oxytocin, a hormone that is associated with relaxation and soothing of the mind. Studies show that stuffed animals have an impact on us which is not a lot different from that of the human touch.

This is because our brain is imaginative, it does not create much of a difference. Whether you hug an actual person, or you hug probably a real pet that you have or you hug a cute soft teddy bear. The impact that it will have on the brain and the hormonal levels are almost the same.

Apart from that, teddies evoke a sense of childhood memory. When we were children, all of us had teddy bears and stuffed animals. Mostly teddies are the common form of stuffed animals. We all had that one teddy bear with a specific name. In fact, a lot of us carry those childhood animals with us even when we are adults. Therefore, it gives you a sense of nostalgia. It evokes the sense of childlike innocence. It is something that fades away as we grow up and start leading a fast paced life.

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