Perfect N Lovely


Indulge in the epitome of elegance and affection with our exquisite gift ensemble. Our stunning bouquet boasts 35 radiant red roses, carefully handpicked and artfully arranged, encased in a vibrant red paper wrapping that signifies passion and love.

Paired with this lush bouquet is a luxurious 16-piece Ferrero Rocher box, a symphony of chocolate and hazelnut that elevates the sensory experience. Each bite is a delight, just like every moment shared with your loved ones.

Adding a touch of endearing charm is our adorable 6-inch teddy bear, a soft and cuddly companion that conveys warmth and affection. It’s the perfect embodiment of comfort and companionship.

To sweeten the deal further, we’ve included a small Dairy Milk chocolate, a classic favorite that promises a moment of pure.

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